As a parent with two young children, health and safety have been my top priority for Wiggle & Work both before COVID-19 and now. And we would not be opening our doors if I didn’t feel comfortable bringing my own children into our space, which I am very much looking forward to. We have implemented a number of new safety measures and policies to keep your family safe while at Wiggle & Work:


Small Stable Groups ("Pods")

We’re reopening our services with small, stable groups of children, with no more than 8 in any one session in order to ensure more dedicated care and safety for all families. Children will play with the same teachers and friends in each session, and they thrive with consistency. Parents will see each other too and routine connections foster community, which we all need right now.


New Health Procedures

Temperature Monitoring
We require all staff, parents and children to check temperatures upon entrance with our contactless thermometer that will be disinfected for each family.

After a quick temperature reading, parents will visit our touchless hand washing stations for themselves and their little ones prior to check-in with our teachers. Teachers will take each child to our sinks both before and after snack time and sing songs to make hand washing fun!

Wellness Guidelines
Anyone with a fever of 99.9 or higher will be asked to come back no earlier than 24 hours after being fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medications.

Mask Wearing
All adults, including our staff, are required to wear masks within our space.

Physical Distancing
All our working stations are set at 6 feet apart and we use markings on the floor to maintain physical distancing during check-in as well.

Teacher Safety
We have provided our staff with regular and clear-mouthed masks to wear at all times and will change their t-shirts after each session. Our staff are committed to practicing safe mask wearing practices and following the LA county and city guidelines for physical distancing at this time throughout their daily lives outside of work.


New Cleaning Procedures

We have procured Force of Nature for our disinfecting procedures. It is a child-safe, CDC approved disinfectant to kill coronavirus along with all of the other common illnesses. If you see a spray bottle anywhere in our space, it is filled with Force of Nature and can be sprayed on any surface.

We have implemented a toy rotation in place to make sure toys are disinfected before placing them back into the play area. Children will play just as they do normally, and staff will continue to place wet toys that are finished being played with into separate bins for disinfecting.

We require one hour between sessions in order to fully disinfect the play area and coworking spaces.

Sanitizing Stations
All parents will have access to sanitizing stations for their workspaces, are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and use the hand sanitizer provided throughout our space.


Following Health Department Issued Guidelines

We are adhering to the strictest guidelines for reopening both our child care and coworking space. We have combed through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Los Angeles City, and CDC issued guidelines for opening our space safely while also consulting with our community partners in the child care field.

If any known case of COVID-19 arises within our community, the LA County Department of Public Health will be contacted immediately and we will fully comply with their protocol. All active participants will be informed and instructed on how to proceed.