Child Care You Can Trust


Child Care You Can Trust

Child care should be affordable, flexible, accessible and reliable. The Wiggle & Work team makes that happen while nurturing, caring for and playing with babies and toddlers on our playground, designed for ages 3 months through 3 years. 



“Play is the work of childhood.” – Mr. Rogers

At Wiggle & Work, we follow a play-based learning method in which the children, under our supervision, are given the opportunity for independent and group play. Following the child’s lead, supported by our professionals, fosters exploration, experimentation and imagination to encourage learning and creative problem solving. Children are supported and comforted to foster healthy separation from parents to securly grow independent and confident away from mom or dad.


Our child care providers are experienced professionals with backgrounds in Early Childhood Education and Development and certified in pediatric first aid and CPR. We run federal, state and local background checks alongside reference checks for each and every Wiggle & Work team member.



To teach children self regulation and socialization, we sit together for snacks and meals* an hour into every session. To help parents get more work done, we are happy to change diapers and provide potty visits for babies and toddlers with the consent of both parent and child.

*We are a nut-and-peanut-free facility



Many children as both babies and toddlers experience separation anxiety, a healthy and normal part of development and secure attachment. Our facility helps parent and child separate slowly so that children learn that Wiggle & Work is a safe and fun place where mom or dad always come back!



Babies and toddlers look to adults, especially parents, to model appropriate social behaviors as they grow. Group play, parallel play and interactive moments between babies and toddlers are a healthy and vital part of development. The more a child experiences interactions with others, the more comfortable they become in social environments.

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