Keeping Kids Safe and Staying Sane During Virus Outbreaks

by Mar 11, 2020

As any parent can tell you, having a child in group care means close proximity to other children and so it’s likely and normal that your child will get sick. It isn’t fun but it’s pretty par for the course and does come with the silver lining that minor illnesses early on builds immunity for later in life.

Even so, in times of this novel coronavirus pandemic, and every flu season, it’s understandable that parents have extra trepidation when venturing outside the home. It’s hard to know what balance to strike between safety and unnecessary panic. With that in mind here are a few reminders and resources we think you’ll find helpful:


Stay Informed

Know what symptoms to look out for and what the recommended steps are in the event that you think you or a loved one may have. The World Health Organization is the leading source for accurate and timely information. As well as the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health [LINK].

Coronavirus should be taken very seriously, to protect our most vulnerable populations — the immunocompromised and our grandparents. At the moment, our children are the least impacted by the virus but also are the most likely population to put their fingers in your mouth. So take a look below to learn how to make good decisions and keep your family sane for the next few weeks and possibly months.


Make Smart Choices

If you or someone you have been in contact with has traveled to high risk locations or if you or your family are showing any possible symptoms, for yourself and others – do not risk going out, stay at home. If you and your family are healthy, continue to conduct your day-to-day normally, but make sure you are doing these essential actions:

  • Wash your and your child’s hands regularly
  • Use a tissue or towel when touching public surfaces such as light switches and door knobs
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Use 70% alcohol hand sanitizer when soap and water is unavailable
  • Cover your face with your elbow when you cough or sneeze


Stay Active

If you are self-quarantining, you still need to stay active for your sanity and your child’s. Get the jitters out by planning a physical activity every 90 minutes. Sing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, make an exception and let your toddler jump on the bed (with your supervision). Practicing yoga can be fun for bigs and littles alike, hoping, jumping and climbing up and down the stairs get the heart pumping too!


Plan a Video Chat Play-Dates For Your Little One

Kids these days, amIright? It may sound silly but your child may miss their friends while on an extended break from group play. Planning a mini video chat date is a fun way to break up the day and give your little one something fun to look forward to and talk about. To make the date special, plan ahead to sing a particular song with hand movements or show off some art that you’ve made ahead of time.


Be Prepared

Create a plan for your family. What if your child care facility needs to close, what will you do? Work with your care providers, friends, family and neighbors to maintain resiliency during this uncertain time.



We continue to implement our standard Center for Disease Control recommended practices for managing health and hygiene at our center:

  • Quickly identifying and sending children home that exhibit signs of illness such as fever, discolored mucus, rashes and other signs of atypical behavior.

  • Installed a portable hand washing station at the entrance for all parents and kids coming in to wash their hands as part of the check-in procedure.
  • Asking all children and staff who are feeling sick to remain at home until recovered (must be 24 hours symptom-free)

  • Additional sanitization throughout the day using non-toxic but effective cleaners and a daily wipe of all surfaces.

  • Regular hand sanitization for staff and children, hand washing, and additional use of sterile gloves for serving food and snacks

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