How Wiggle & Work is Working to Keep Our Community Safe

by Mar 13, 2020

I am a mother of two toddlers, many of you know Selah who has been at Wiggle & Work with me since she was 6 weeks old nearly every day. She’s now a vibrant 18 month old. My son, Oden, just turned 4 and inspired me to leave my government career and open up our coworking with child care space. I want more than anything to keep my children safe, my family healthy, and my business thriving — so that we can continue to help support your family both now and into the future.

COVID-19 is at the top of my mind, every waking moment and even in my sleep. Safety for the children in our care and families using our space is my biggest concern. Keeping our families and staff employed so that food is on the table and rent is paid is also vital. We do this through transparency of our health and safety procedures, reliance on our professional staff as well as the actions of every single parent walking through our doors. We must rely on each other more now than ever before to keep our entire community healthy and safe.


Cleaning Our Toys & Space

As a business, we take pride in our clean facility. We put all toys that have gone into any child’s mouth into a separate bucket to be sanitized with non-toxic cleaners before putting them back into circulation.

For parents, we have provided workstation sanitizer for coworkers to use after they have finished with a workstation. Our staff now disinfects all touched surfaces such as door handles, tables and baby gates regularly throughout the day. We continue to have our professional deep cleaning service every week using hospital grade disinfectant on all surfaces.


Sick Policy

Any child found to be sick in our space will be sent home immediately. This includes everything from a runny nose, to diarrhea and vomiting, goopy eyes, rashes or an elevated temperature of 99 degrees or higher. Children will only be welcome back when they are at minimum 24-hours symptom free.

Our sick policy applies to not just the children in our care, but also to our staff and parents walking through the door every day.

All of our staff now takes their temperature daily upon waking in order to be certain they are feeling healthy and have no symptoms of illness.

We ask parents for their personal vigilance to keep themselves and/or their children at home if they are feeling sick in any way.


Hand Washing

Upon walking into Wiggle & Work, and before entering the playground and coworking spaces, we now require all parents to wash their hands and their children’s hands. To do this easily, we’ve moved a portable sink to the front of our facility for quick and easy hand-washing access.

Our staff washes their hands upon entrance as well and sanitizes their hands regularly. Staff setting up snack washes and sanitizes hands prior to putting on gloves for food setup. Staff uses new sterile gloves for every single diaper change. Children’s hands are sanitized prior to snack time and wiped clean when finished.


Limiting Capacity

We canceled all open play for the time being so that we are better able to control the cleanliness and spread of germs in our space by limiting our space to only coworking with child care clients.

We are limiting space in each of our coworking sessions to maximum 10 children per session in order to keep the number of people in our facility under 30 at all times.


We Can Beat COVID-19 Together!

As a mother, and small business owner now more than ever, we are committed to keeping our entire community healthy and safe. We are monitoring the pandemic and in touch with our local community partners as needed to make the best decisions for our families, staff and business. We will persevere through this and I encourage anyone with any thoughts or questions to e-mail me. Together we will continue to thrive.

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