We’ll nurture your little one

We’re a coworking space with professional child care and enrichment programs for children ages 0-3, located a few blocks down from Los Feliz on Vermont Av. near Santa Monica Blvd.

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5.0 Stars - Based on 106  Reviews
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5.0 Stars - Based on 23  Reviews
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We’ll nurture your little one

We’re a coworking space with professional child care and enrichment programs for children ages 0-3.

We’re located on Vermont Av. near Santa Monica Blvd, a few blocks down from Los Feliz.

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5.0 Stars - Based on 23  Reviews

yelp logoYelpYelp
5.0 yelp stars
5.0 Stars - Based on 106  Reviews

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4.9 Stars - Based on 20  Reviews


Get some work done over a good cup of coffee while your little one learns and plays with our professionally trained child care providers. All activities at Wiggle & Work are designed for children 3 years old and under.



Get Work Done

Grab a workstation and a cup of coffee as you get work done in our comfortable coworking space, all while your child is happy and taken care of by our childcare professionals.

They're in great hands

Have our top-quality early childhood education providers nurture and care for your child in our natural play inspired indoor playground. All, for a price more affordable than a nanny.

Easy & Flexible

Reserve a work space and child care using our easy-to-use free mobile app. Spend time growing your personal and professional goals, not managing your tot’s schedule.


  • 5 star ratingThis place has saved me! I am from Europe where child care is close to free and here in LA... read more

    Sandra S. Avatar
    Sandra S.

    5 star ratingI've been going there for about 6 months now and everyone is so welcoming and lovely. This place is genius!... read more

    Kaitlyn P. Avatar
    Kaitlyn P.

    5 star ratingUPDATE --- 2/22/2019Alright, so I would give this place twenty stars if I could. There has been many new improvements... read more

    C.M L. Avatar
    C.M L.
  • 5 star ratingThis place is a godsend. My daughter loves it, the staff is friendly and welcoming, the facility is clean and... read more

    John I. Avatar
    John I.

    5 star ratingAs a new mother who is transitioning back to a full time work schedule, I cannot express enough gratitude for... read more

    Sarah S. Avatar
    Sarah S.

    Wiggle and work has truly been my savior. I can not recommend it highly enough. I have been in LA... read more

    Toby Newman Banks Avatar
    Toby Newman Banks
  • Honestly I love it here! I am the definition of a helicopter mom, I try desperately not to be but... read more

    Camille Howell Avatar
    Camille Howell

    A great addition to the neighborhood! My two year old loves it!

    Philippa Drewer Avatar
    Philippa Drewer

    5 star ratingSuch a wonderful idea, this is the perfect place to take my very active toddler while I get some work... read more

    Lucy S. Avatar
    Lucy S.
  • 5 star ratingI started going to Wiggle & Work after moving to Los Angeles from New York and it was a life... read more

    Megan N. Avatar
    Megan N.

    5 star ratingMy son went to wiggle and work for just over a year and WOW.The staff is incredibly well trained, knowledgeable,... read more

    Victoria S. Avatar
    Victoria S.

    This play place is amazing. Safe, clean, fun and all inclusive. My 2 year old absolutely loves coming here to... read more

    Danielle Ehrenfeld Avatar
    Danielle Ehrenfeld
  • 5 star ratingWiggle and Work is a wonderful space! The staff is friendly, and Naomi and Amir know patrons by name and... read more

    Jenny G. Avatar
    Jenny G.

    5 star ratingWiggle & Work is a lifesaver! It is owned by the nicest couple, the caretakers are wonderful and my baby... read more

    Carly H. Avatar
    Carly H.

    5 star ratingThis place is a GODSEND. My wife and I just had our second baby and it's been such an awesome... read more

    Trevor W. Avatar
    Trevor W.
  • 5 star ratingSeriously the best solution ever! I am a freelancer but just had a kid 7 months ago and I have... read more

    Tawney-Joy B. Avatar
    Tawney-Joy B.

    5 star ratingLove this place. God sent for parents that need to get work done while still being "mom" or "dad". The... read more

    stephani l. Avatar
    stephani l.

    Wiggle & Work is simply lovely. Great toys, great space, great fun. Naomi is passionate and generous and has created... read more

    Amy Handelman Avatar
    Amy Handelman
  • This was not only our first time at Wiggle & Work, but also our first time with my twins being... read more

    Amber Morrison Avatar
    Amber Morrison

    Do you love spending time in a beautiful and bright cafe while watching your children play in a clean, safe,... read more

    Eve Dastmalchian Avatar
    Eve Dastmalchian

    5 star ratingThis place was an absolute savior today! I came in with my two-year-old when my babysitter called in sick, and... read more

    Leah H. Avatar
    Leah H.
  • 5 star ratingI love wiggle & work! Everybody there is so nice and understanding! I'm so glad I found this place! I... read more

    Rossella D. Avatar
    Rossella D.

    Extremely grateful to have discovered the most amazing place... Wiggle & Work has mastered the challenges of creating a mindful,... read more

    Jason Allen Avatar
    Jason Allen

    5 star ratingFabulously kind team. They make both my daughter and I feel comfortable, safe and seen. Highly recommended.

    Altown G. Avatar
    Altown G.
  • We've been there three times so far and Judah and I both love it!

    Maya Rabinovitch Avatar
    Maya Rabinovitch

    This place needs 10 stars! I can’t even begin to express how much I love Wiggle & Work and the... read more

    Maria Cristina Fermin Avatar
    Maria Cristina Fermin

    5 star ratingI'm reluctant to write a review because I don't want Wiggle and Work to be overrun, but it's too good... read more

    Msichana S. Avatar
    Msichana S.
  • 5 star ratingA LIFESAVER! I can't say enough great things about Wiggle + Work. I have an 11-month old who LOVES being... read more

    Brielle M. Avatar
    Brielle M.

    5 star ratingExcellent staff, clean and fun space for the kids. I've been using their co-working service and it's been very helpful!

    Nick C. Avatar
    Nick C.

    5 star ratingWiggle & Work is an important part of my life!! My 9 month old naps around 9am and 1pm, so... read more

    Kelly S. Avatar
    Kelly S.

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Naomi Leight-Give'on

Founder & CEO


As a new mom, I didn’t want to leave my son for more than a few moments at a time. But for me, and for many of my parent friends in Los Feliz and Silverlake, that approach just wasn’t sustainable.

I dreamed of finding a space where I could grow and thrive personally, while spending time with my son and providing him a rich and nurturing environment. I envision Wiggle & Work as a community where young children can grow through play and parents have support with on-site child care, so that they can spend more time with their little ones AND continue to develop their careers and passions.

Naomi Leight-Give’on

Founder & CEO

I'd love to hear from you!

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