We’ll nurture your little one

We’re a coworking space with professional child care and enrichment programs for children ages 0-3, located at the heart of Silverlake, Los Angeles.

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5.0 Stars - Based on 106  Reviews
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5.0 Stars - Based on 23  Reviews
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4.9 Stars - Based on 20  Reviews


We’ll nurture your little one

We’re a coworking space with professional child care and enrichment programs for children ages 0-3, located at the heart of Silverlake, Los Angeles.

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5.0 Stars - Based on 23  Reviews

yelp logoYelpYelp
5.0 yelp stars
5.0 Stars - Based on 106  Reviews

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4.9 Stars - Based on 20  Reviews


Get some work done over a good cup of coffee while your little one learns and plays with our professionally trained child care providers. All activities at Wiggle & Work are designed for children 3 years old and under.



Get Work Done

Grab a workstation and a cup of coffee as you get work done in our comfortable coworking space, all while your child is happy and taken care of by our childcare professionals.

They're in great hands

Have our top-quality early childhood education providers nurture and care for your child in our natural play inspired indoor playground. All, for a price more affordable than a nanny.

Easy & Flexible

Reserve a work space and child care using our easy-to-use free mobile app. Spend time growing your personal and professional goals, not managing your tot’s schedule.


  • 5 star ratingThis place is amazing. It's the only place I can get some work done these days. A+++The facilities are always... read more

    Gil R. Avatar
    Gil R.

    This place is great. A warm staff made my son very comfortable (toy trucks were also key). And I -... read more

    Ben Shiffrin Avatar
    Ben Shiffrin

    5 star ratingWiggle & Work is a lifesaver! It is owned by the nicest couple, the caretakers are wonderful and my baby... read more

    Carly H. Avatar
    Carly H.
  • 5 star ratingThis place is a great little spot. Clean and friendly atmosphere. They offer a 2 hour sitter service while you... read more

    Tarah W. Avatar
    Tarah W.

    5 star ratingWiggle and Work is a wonderful space! The staff is friendly, and Naomi and Amir know patrons by name and... read more

    Jenny G. Avatar
    Jenny G.

    5 star ratingFantastic space for kids!! Super spacious, SUPER CLEAN!! Pictures DO NOT do this place justice!! Owners extremely friendly. Cannot wait... read more

    Joy M. Avatar
    Joy M.
  • 5 star ratingI love wiggle & work! Everybody there is so nice and understanding! I'm so glad I found this place! I... read more

    Rossella D. Avatar
    Rossella D.

    5 star ratingThis place was an absolute savior today! I came in with my two-year-old when my babysitter called in sick, and... read more

    Leah H. Avatar
    Leah H.

    5 star ratingI came in for a weekend co-working session with my son. I was nervous that the whole time was going... read more

    Ben S. Avatar
    Ben S.
  • 5 star ratingMy daughter had the day off at preschool and I had some work I needed to do. Wiggle and... read more

    Lana M. Avatar
    Lana M.

    5 star ratingWiggle & Work is an important part of my life!! My 9 month old naps around 9am and 1pm, so... read more

    Kelly S. Avatar
    Kelly S.

    5 star ratingEarly days of course. But a really novel idea, and much needed. Very welcoming, and calm, supportive staff. The 2... read more

    Stephen C. Avatar
    Stephen C.
  • 5 star ratingFirst time here. It's a cute and large play area for infant and toddlers. It is a life saver for... read more

    Cynthia B. Avatar
    Cynthia B.

    5 star ratingUPDATE --- 2/22/2019Alright, so I would give this place twenty stars if I could. There has been many new improvements... read more

    C.M L. Avatar
    C.M L.

    Beautiful space, wonderful and welcoming staff!

    Tiffany Louise Avatar
    Tiffany Louise
  • I am loving Wiggle & Work!
    I get to see my daughter while I work to make sure she’s happy and...
    read more

    Danielle Bigby Avatar
    Danielle Bigby

    5 star ratingExcellent staff, clean and fun space for the kids. I've been using their co-working service and it's been very helpful!

    Nick C. Avatar
    Nick C.

    A great addition to the neighborhood! My two year old loves it!

    Philippa Drewer Avatar
    Philippa Drewer
  • 5 star ratingMy 3-year-old and I LOVE this place! He couldn't get enough of the toy checkout counter. The play structure is... read more

    Casey R. Avatar
    Casey R.

    A resource this neighborhood needed! I felt so comfortable watching my son play with the fantastic assortment of toys.

    Casey Revkin Ryan Avatar
    Casey Revkin Ryan

    5 star ratingGreat place for my 19 month old. She loved all the play areas - would also try the co-working... read more

    Andrew G. Avatar
    Andrew G.
  • Luv it near ktown... clean.. perfect place for toddlers up to 4yr... safe for babies.. like 2yr old my daughter... read more

    강정 Avatar

    5 star ratingI'm a father of 2, ages 1 and 3. Over the years, I've learned that indoor play places have great... read more

    Fletcher P. Avatar
    Fletcher P.

    5 star ratingI absolutely love this place! I took my little one here to play for a bit when she was going... read more

    Anastasia F. Avatar
    Anastasia F.
  • 5 star ratingThis place is year & half old son loved all of the different activities, games, & toys! Spacious, something... read more

    Lee H. Avatar
    Lee H.

    5 star ratingThis place feels almost too good to be true. It is such a wonderful concept that I can't believe it's... read more

    J. H. Avatar
    J. H.

    5 star ratingSuch a wonderful idea, this is the perfect place to take my very active toddler while I get some work... read more

    Lucy S. Avatar
    Lucy S.
  • 5 star ratingMy 1.5 yr old son Blu doesn't get a whole lot of extended socialization with other babies or other adults... read more

    Alexis A. Avatar
    Alexis A.

    Amazing concept, just what we needed! Great playground & the owners are awesome.

    Lee Ann Harvey Alvarez Avatar
    Lee Ann Harvey Alvarez

    Absolutely loved it...great place for my one year old daughter .. Best part is, there open for (open play) on... read more


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Naomi Leight-Give'on

Founder & CEO


As a new mom, I didn’t want to leave my son for more than a few moments at a time. But for me, and for many of my parent friends in Los Feliz and Silverlake, that approach just wasn’t sustainable.

I dreamed of finding a space where I could grow and thrive personally, while spending time with my son and providing him a rich and nurturing environment. I envision Wiggle & Work as a community where young children can grow through play and parents have support with on-site child care, so that they can spend more time with their little ones AND continue to develop their careers and passions.

Naomi Leight-Give’on

Founder & CEO

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